Using Tripper

At TRIPPER, we understand that traveling with a local is absolutely best way to travel. Our APP not only connects you to a local multilingual assistant, but one equipped with specialized databases, a GPS map of our location, and with special camera option.

Combining the best of technology and human power, TRIPPER looks to be your local helper wherever you are in the wrold.

  • Main ScreenSimply press the button of your need and you'll be connected to a live Tripper operator. Button categories include interpretation, transportation,food and drink, entertainment, and SOS.If you have other needs, check inside "more".
  • GPSTripper can send you GPS guides that can be saved to your phone and used offline.Operators are also available to give you step-by-step voice directions.
  • VPNVPN is available for premium packages or separate purchase for $5.99 a month.It can be found in the "more" section of the main interface.
  • CameraTripper operators can live interpret as well as you to a multilingual operator with the push of a button. Simply press the button of your need and you’ll be immediately connected to a mulitlingual operator of your need.
  • AccountKeep track of your Tripper usage with the account page. Always be informed of your balance,call history, and more.
  • SettingsGet our service details, switch language method, and Tripper calling method in just matter of seconds.