Using Tripper

At TRIPPER, we understand that traveling with a local is absolutely the best way to travel. Our APP not only connects you to a local multilingual assistant, but one equipped with specialized databases, a GPS map of our location, and with a special camera option.

Combining the best of technology and human power, TRIPPER looks to be your local helper wherever you are in the world.

  • Main ScreenTripper is designed for simplicity and ease of use. Just press the button of your need and a pop up window will appear - allowing you to choose your calling method (local phone/IP calling). From there, you’ll instantly call one of our live operators who will provide interpretation/travel assistance over the phone. Use for any of the listed needs (interpretation, transportation, food, help) or for any non-listed need you may with.
  • GPSFor requests with a directional component, operators will offer to send you a custom GPS guide to make things easier. All guides are saved under the “GPS Guides” section and can be saved offline for future use. Also, feel free to have an operator talk you through the map and directions.
  • VPNA VPN comes included in the premium and elite package. It is available for separate purchase for $5.99 a month from the store.
  • CameraPictures can be directly sent to Tripper operators through the camera in the “more” section. Operators can translate photos (text, menus, instructions) or you can use the photos to augment a question (road signs, foreign object, etc). Check your plan to see if photo translation is included or purchased separately.
  • AccountCheck the account page at any time to see the exact state of your plan, balance, and last call information. Sign in to your personal account at www.trip-per.com to see a more in depth view of your history or to recharge your plan.
  • SettingsWith settings you can change your preference on language, calling method, and more. It will also direct you to the website for more information about ordering and using Tripper.

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