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Nothing beats traveling with a local. Tripper’s local operators are there to help you with the local language, local transportation, local food, and local fun! For any travel question or problem, just call Tripper and have a real multilingual operator take care of your problem. Money back guaranteed.

Traveling with Tripper

  • Translation/Interpretation My “Part-Time but Round the Clock” Interpreter

    I didn’t want a guide. I didn’t want to pay for one, I didn’t want one hanging around the whole day, and I didn’t want to deal with all the social etiquette involved in the whole process. I did, however, want someone AVAILABLE to interpret for me if the situation called for it. So, when the situation did call for it, I immediately called Tripper. They picked up my phone call right away and were able to live interpret between me and my cab driver. Then between me and some locals doing Tai Chi. Then for me asking for directions back to my house. Then I just called them one more time to thank for being there when I needed it...and only when I needed it. Steve Bulwark

  • Transportation/Directions More than a little lost in Chinatown... I mean, a town in China...

    To go hiking in China is not the easiest thing. There are, literally, lots of steps along the way. You have to go out to some rural areas, find transportation to get there, hike along poorly marked trails, and make sure not to get in to too much trouble. Luckily, Tripper took care of the first step with car rental help. I took care of the hiking step. Then, I also took care of the getting lost step. Tripper took care of the final step by using my GPS location to lead me back to the main town. We’re quite a team together. Billy Hawthorne

  • Food/Drink Off the Tour Path, Into the Kitchen

    After days of using my guidebook to find restaurants in Shanghai, I was fed up. I wanted to go some place that didn’t simply cater to tourists and didn’t force specials down your throat. I called Tripper to find out the best food places where the locals went. They directed me to an off-the-path Chinese restaurant (didn’t even have an English name) and helped me order off the menu. The food came out and it was incredible. I mean, incredible. Suffice it to say, it really made my trip to taste some of the best food of China. Janet Thorpe

  • Entertainment A World Class Concert in Japan

    I love traveling the world and I love listening to music. Whenever, I’m abroad I try to catch a performance, no matter whether its at a hole-in-the wall bar or a national theatre. I use Tripper because they can easily find out the latest shows in town (that I can never find) and help me through the difficult process reserving tickets beforehand (that I will always struggle with). Now, I never miss a beat, even on a business trip to Japan (that I will always enjoy). Amy Pontis

  • SOS Feeling Raw in Korea

    Korean barbecue is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Cooking raw meat in front of you while you snack on kimchi and soju is almost a divine experience. The thing about raw meat, though, is if you don’t fully cook it...it can give you a little something called food poisoning. When I started feeling sick that night, I called Tripper and they were able to quickly locate the nearest hospital, translate my needs to a doctor, and get me a whole night of care. When I woke up the next day, I felt alive again. Now, that’s a divine experience. John McMahon

  • Ticket/Booking Asian resources, who knew?

    Independent travel in the Western World is typically very easy. I usually spend a few days researching on the internet and booking the flights all myself. When I was planning a trip throughout Asia, though, I found myself having a hard time finding cheap, easy flights. That’s when I took a chance on Tripper. As it turns out, my operators knew a lot different resources than just Priceline and Kayak. Almost miraculously, she managed to find a flight that was 100 dollars cheaper in just 10 minutes. It was weird handing over my travel reins to someone else, but its hard to argue with someone that’s just saved you both time and money. Maddie Tinsdale

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